In the unlikely event that someone finds this package, and in the even unlikelier event that someone wants to contribute, send me a pull request or create an issue.


Please Contact and notify me if you use the above, as this isn’t my main GitHub account, so I won’t be checking it that much. I’ll probably see it weeks/months later if you don’t.

Feel free to use those for anything regarding the package, they’re there to be used, I guess.

How to Contribute

  • Fork the repo.
  • git clone
  • cd malaffinity
  • git checkout -b new_feature
  • Make changes.
  • git commit -am "Commit message"
  • git push origin new_feature
  • Navigate to
  • Create a pull request.

Notes and Stuff

I had a whole section on conventions to follow and other stuff, but that seemed a bit weird, so I just scratched it. If someone out there wants to contribute to this package in any way, shape or form, have at it. I’d prefer the changes to be non-breaking (i.e. existing functionality is not affected), but breaking changes are still welcome.

I only ask that you try to adhere to PEP 8 and PEP 257 (if you can), and try to achieve 100% coverage in tests (again, if you can). For information on how to check if you’re adhering to those conventions, see Conventions.

For information on how to build docs and run tests, see Documentation and Test Suite respectively.

This package is based off a class I wrote for erkghlerngm44/r-anime-soulmate-finder, and while I have tried to modify it for general uses (and tried to clean the bad code up a bit), there are still a few iffy bits around. I’d appreciate any PRs to fix this up.

I think the package is mostly complete, so my main focus right now is making it as fast as can-be, as every fraction of a second counts when you’re using this to calculate affinity with tens of thousands of people. PRs regarding this are especially welcome.

That’s it, I guess. Contact me if you need help or anything.